Ocean Test 02

Just another ocean test I did with Houdini and Arnold.

I spent not more than 3 days on this project, I just tried to build an Arnold version of the Mantra Ocean Surface Shader.
More or less all the most important shader parameters have been translated to Arnold, trickiest thing was to make a good foam pattern similar to the Mantra one and the alShaders library helped me a lot to this purpose.
The VDB buoy is a bit off scale (∅ 7m!), but it kinda works in this test (there isn’t any kind of interaction though)
No breakdown unfortunately…maybe I’ll add it later.
There is no comp here, I used Nuke in the end just to check if all the AOVs were working fine and to add a lovely glint effect 🙂
Thanks for watching.


Project Details

Client: Personal Project