Tiles Effector

I started this project last summer with my Surface Pro 3 when I was pretty bored in a country house without any internet connection.

The Surface unfortunately was not powerful enough to run any fluid sim, so I started playing with nodes a bit random in Houdini and I ended up with a sort of rotating tiles grid.

Back home I decided to go one step further and buid a proper asset much more procedural with more controls and actually I found it very useful to improve my skills with VOPSOPs, math OPs in general and to see if I were capable to build a procedural asset a bit more complex than my usual.

After finishing this I realized how many similar effectors there are for Max, Maya, C4D and Houdini…
Anyways this is my own version hope you like it!

The entire system is mainly based on a SOP Solver (to store the color value) and 4 VOPSOPs (Rotation, Scale, Displace and Extra Deformations) and as you can see in the demonstration is very very fast thanks also to the new packed primitives.


Project Details

Client: Personal Project

Procedural Assets